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If you are a legal resident of Taiwan (i.e. a possessor of an ARC), you are entitled to national health care. You will be provided with a National Health Care card (jien bao) which entitles you to medical care at any approved hospital or clinic. Some but not all dental care is also covered. Filling cavities and teeth cleaning are covered, but bridges and caps are not. Still it’s a lot cheaper than many other countries. Hospital and clinic visits usually do not need appointment except when you want to see a specialist at a hospital. To see a specialist make an appointment or be prepared to wait a long time as a walk-in. Even with an appointment it’s hard to judge when your appointment will be because you aren’t given a time like in the west. You’re given a number for either the AM or PM shift doctors. However, most hospitals allow for on-line reservations now. You will be given a number once the reservation is confirmed. If you show up at the hospital and your number has passed, worry not. Simply knock and walk into the doctor's office to notify the nurse of your presence. You will be able to "cut in line" after the next 3 patients. There will be a co-payment, NT$250 for each hospital and $150 for each clinic visit. Large hospitals may charge slightly more. Prescription medications will most likely be dispensed at the hospital or clinic, but you will have to pay extra for them. Prices will vary depending on the medication.

3 Health Concerns
Hepatitis A and B are common in Asia, but Taiwan has done a commadable job at combating the disease. Hepatitis is a viral disease that affects the liver. Hepatitis A is often spread due to food, water, or utensils being contaminated by infected saliva. Fortunately, most restaurants provide disposable utensils or you may bring your own. If you want to be sure, you can obtain vaccination shots at most hospitals or clinics. The vaccine is called Havrix and is administered in a series of 3 shots, the second 1month after the first and the third 6 months after the second. Each shot costs NT$1200. 95% of the people who get Havrix are vaccinated against Hep A after the second shot. So if you didn't plan ahead, you can always get a blood test to see if you already have the antibodies before spending another $1200 for the third shot. Make sure you carry your vaccination records with you. Hepatitis B is usually spread by sexual contact or other blood or bodily fluid related interactions. Vaccination is available here for both varieties.

Dengue Fever can also be a risk here in the summer. The disease is spread through mosquitoes, much like malaria, except that these mosquitoes bite in the daytime. Symptoms are fever, rash, and chills. Keep yourself covered in the daytime, and empty out pots of stagnant water.

3 Reputable Hospitals and Clinics
Veteran's Hospital http://www.vghtc.gov.tw/english/patient.htm
located on No. 160, Sec. 3, Tai Chung Kang Rd.
opposite Tunghai University.

China Medical College Hospital http://www.cmuh.org.tw/htdocs/english/e_index.htm
located on No. 95, Hsueh Shih Rd.
opposite Chung Cheng Park; offers both western and Chinese medical treatment.

Chung Shan Hospital http://www.csh.com.tw/
No. 23, Sec. 1, Tai Chung Kang Road
near the intersection with Wu Chuan Road.

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital http://www.csh.org.tw/English/default.htm
Ta-Ching Branch
No.110, Sec.1, Chien-Kuo N. Road Taichung, Taiwan 402
Chung-Kang Branch
23, Section 1, Taichung Kang Road, Taichung, Taiwan 403
Tai-Yuan Branch
No.1142, Sec. 3, Taiyuan Rd., Beitun District, Taichung Taiwan 406 (University Rehabilitation Hospital)
Wen-Hsin Branch
No.110, Sec.1, Chien-Kuo N. Road Taichung, Taiwan 402
Hui-Min Branch
No.14, Shude Rd., Magong City, Penghu County , Taiwan 880

Jen-Ai Hospital http://www.jah.org.tw/english.asp
Dali City, (International Patient Center) 483 Dong Rong Rd. Dali City. (04)2481-9900 ext.1981

3 Clinics:
Most doctors who offer western medicine should speak a decent amount of English. Ironically, the concept of a "general practitioner" is almost non-existent here. You must diagnose for yourself what problems you have first, and then choose the proper clinic to visit (i.e. ear, nose, and throat, OB/GYN, dermatology, etc.).
Hsin Sheng General Clinic
located at: No. 100, Min Chuan Rd.

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