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No matter where you are, it is strongly suggested that you carry a card with all your personal contact details written on it. Information such as your name, emergency contact person, home address, telephone numbers, your embassy contact number, the hospital name and address nearest to your home and so on. It is also advisable to include the name and phone number of a Chinese speaking friend or contact person whom you could rely on to help out in any emergency situation.

At home, keep the similar list handy, include phone numbers of all emergency contacts, including your family members or closests friends abroad, and have it displayed at a prominent place, should the information come in handy.

If you are allergic to any kind of medication or treatment, make sure you ask someone to have it translated into Chinese and keep the information on you at all times.

It is also advisable to keep an extra set of your house keys with someone you can trust. Should you happen to lock yourself out, or should anything happen to you while you are out, your trusted friends would be able to help you out.

English Speaking Hospitals   All doctors in Taiwan speak'Medical English', as most of their learning materials and textbooks were in English. For best results in communicating with doctors locally, use medical terms rather than more common terms. For example, 'runny nose' may be understood - but 'phlegm' will almost certainly be understood. Understanding pronunciation is sometimes a problem going in both directions, but doctor's English reading skills are strong - so writing down what you want to communicate will almost certainly be understood.

Some doctors have been educated abroad, or have advanced English skills (see list below). One hospital in Taichung specialises in serving the international community, the Jen-Ai Hospital-Dali (International Patient Center). Staffed with international volunteers and a highly educated team, this hospital has done much for the local foreign community's medical needs.

3 Hospitals
China Medical University Hospital
2, YuDe Road (04)2205-2121
Emergency: ext 1150,1151,1163
Info Desk: extension 3115,3116
Operator: extension 9

Veterans General Hospital
160, TaiZhongGang Road, Sec. 3 (04)2359-2525
Emergency Room: ext 3650,3610
Information Desk: extension 2977
Operator: extension 9

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital
110, JianGuo N. Road, Sec 1, Taichung, Taiwan 402 (Ta-Ching Branch)
23, TaiZhongGang Rd, Sec 1, Taichung, Taiwan 403(Chung-Kang Branch)
1142, TaiYuan Rd., Sec 3, BeiTun District, Taichung Taiwan 406 (University Rehabilitation Hospital)
110, JianGuo N. Road, Sec 1, Taichung, Taiwan 402(Wen-Hsin Branch)

Cheng Ching Hospital
118, TaiZhongGang Road, Sec. 3 (Taichung Harbour Road Branch)
139, PingDeng Street (Ping Teng Street Branch) (04)2463-2000
Emergency Room: ext 6139 (Ping Teng); 2184, 2185 (Taichung Harbour)
Information Desk: 6111 (Ping Teng); 2122 (Taichung Harbour)

Jen-Ai Hospital-Dali (International Patient Center)
483, DongRong Rd, Dali City (04)2481-9900

Jen-Ai Hospital-Taichung
36, LiuChuan E. Rd., sec. 3 ; (04)2225-5450

Taichung Hospital
http://www.taic.doh.gov.tw/ english/
199 San Min Rd., Sec. 1, Taichung, Taiwan
Tel: 04-22294411
Special Line for Complaint:04-22294411 ext. 2115

Seventh Day Adventist Hospital
29, ShuangShi Road, Sec. 2 ; (04)2226-8990
Info: ext 2129
Operator: extension 9

Feng Yuan Hospital
NO.100 An-Kan Rd. Feng-Yuan, Taiwan

In case of burglary or robbery, report immediately to your local police authorities
Useful Emergency numbers
Fire/Medical 119
Police 110
English Directory Assistance 106
Complaint Hotline (090) 21-1734
English Speaking Police 2556-6007
Overseas Operator 100

3 Contact Numbers of Your Representative Offices:
American Institute in Taiwan (AIT)
No.7, Lane 134, Sec. 3, HsinYi Rd.,
Da-an District, Taipei City 10659, Taiwan
TEL: (02) 2162-2000
Website: http://ait.org.tw

Australian Commerce & Industry Office
Rm. 1003, 10F, 333 Keelung Road, Sec. 1
Telephone: (2) 2720-2833 Fax: (2)2757-6040

British Trade and Cultural Office
9F, 99 Jen Ai Road, Sec. 2
Telephone: (2) 2322-4242 Fax: (2) 2394-8673
Website: http://www.btco.org.tw

Canadian Economic and Trade Office
13F, 365 Fuhsing N. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, 105, R.O.C.
Telephone: (2)2544-3000 Fax: (2)2544-3592

New Zealand Commerce & Industry Office
Rm. 2501, 333 Keelung Road, Sec. 1
Telephone: (2)2757-6725 Fax: (2)2757-6973

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