Service Driven Consulting
We live in a service economy where success of the business is determined by the quality of service we provide. To achieve that, we first discarded the traditional educational model and positioned "pupils" as "clients". The common perception of a language instructor has been elevated to that of a "consultant". By placing the client as the focal point of our business, we value the exchange of dialogues rather than unilaterally lecturing the information .

3 Adult Oriented Clientele
The clientele is a mixture of mostly industry professionals in business, medicine and engineering, etc. They come from highly disciplined backgrounds and have a strong desire to acquire fluency. We provide flexibility to professionals who are too busy to follow a curriculum-based learning plan. As such, we favor a more dynamic approach to content generation. We also place high emphasis on the trade knowledge that our consultants bring to the mix, many of whom are musicians, engineers and businessmen/woman themselves. It is a whole new concept and it has been a proven success.

3 All English Immersion
Columbia believes strongly in fostering an all English speaking environment for our clients. Thus, all of the sessions are conducted free of Mandarin. The clients expect and appreciate such a setting, as this is as close a simulation as they could immerse themselves in, short of living in an English speaking country. Studies have shown that language acquisition through environmental stimulus is the most effective method of learning.

3 Internet Equipped Session Rooms
With the advance in search engine capabilities, Columbia saw a need to tap into this expanding content pool in an effort to bring forth materials that are not only discussion worthy but also up-to-date, refreshing and in vivid colour.A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. By equipping our consultants with this tool, you can share knowledge far and beyond mere language instruction. We've taken the chalk out of the equation and replaced it with the world in your hands.

3 Comprehensive Training
It has always been our objective to hire a diverse range of individuals with his/her own unique skill sets. To achieve that, we tap into people like you who have proven career track record in your own industry. We provide on-site, hands-on practical training to incorporate you into the Columbia family. All you need to bring is a positive attitude and a will to learn.

3 Quality Compensation Package
Columbia provides one of the most competitive remuneration package in the industry.You will be provided with national health insurance, group health insurance and labour insurance. There are numerous opportunities for additional performance and productivity based bonues, We understand the balance between work and play, thus Columbia even provides monetary incentive for your annual vacation! Promising upward mobility into corporate management exists for those individuals who excel in performance.

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